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Luis Landero
ASTROMONO is the blog of Luis Landero, a Panamanian geek backpacker who now lives in Barcelona.

It’s true, I’m a Youtuber now. In 2018, I began producing video content about video games, comics and anime. It’s in Spanish only (sorry!) and so much fun I think it’ll eventually replace the normal clout of trailers and small news in this website.

ASTROMONO began and has always been a primary Spanish language website. I started the project aiming at the young adults in Latin America and around the world who crave this type of content, but don’t find many outlets for it. I made this website with a global mindset and after moving from Panama to Barcelona…

This question has two parts. First of all, ASTROMONO is the name of this blog, which is a project I began a while ago to share my love of comic books, video games and movies, to name a few. In it I hope to have fun and share some of my knowledge on these topics. For all intents and purposes, you could say that I’m the ASTROMONO (a space monkey,) since I’ve been the main driving force behind the project since creating it in 2006, and to be fair a lot of old-time readers were already calling me that anyway.

I’m a professional graphic designer from Panama City, Panama. I created ASTROMONO back in December 2006 (!) while working at a call center and ever since, it’s had many iterations including multiple versions of a blog, a podcast and most recently a YouTube channel.

As I’ve grown, so has this project, incorporating new things I love, like backpacking for instance. I’ve also moved across an entire continent to live in Barcelona, Spain, where I hope to take this idea to the next level and turn it into something I can live from.

About Supporting Me

ASTROMONO is a work in progress. This particular…

Hot on the heels of Apocalypse Suite, Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá ride the success of their first limited series with The Umbrella Academy: Dallas, where the plot thickens to even weirder levels and we are made aware of how hard things can get when all the “good” guys want to pull strings their own way.

This article was originally published in Astromono on April 1st, 2010. Some images and text elements may not align with Medium’s current layout design.

La Mercè / Author: María Corte (ilustración) Workship (diseño)

After almost 5 years living in Barcelona, one of its many delights that still continues to amaze me is the care the city puts into their municipal branding.

When I speak about the City of Barcelona, I refer specifically to the City Hall of Barcelona, an entity that seeks to keep the Barcelonès population informed about the most important events of the year.

More than any other city I’ve lived in Europe (or elsewhere in the world, really), the City Hall of Barcelona gets fully involved in the biggest activities of the year, such as La Mercè and Santa Eulalia…

Image: Field Notes

The Field Notes National Parks Series celebrate twelve US parks with beautiful illustrations and their covers have me looking for distributors in Barcelona.

All covers are printed in a custom five-color process that allows the original color of the paper to be part of the illustrations. Each 3-pack of notebooks costs $12.95 and they’re all eye-catching, but I’m torn between Pack A (above) and Pack C right here:

The best thing I got in the mail in 2019.

At the end of June of this year, the left Joy-Con on my one-year-old Nintendo Switch began to act funny.

At first, it was a minor erratic move here and there, during every other nightly Enter The Gungeon run. Whenever I moved the analog stick in one direction, my Gungeoneer would suddenly stand still or run somewhere else; that kind of thing.

Finding out a beloved piece of technology is faulty for the first time is not unlike an early breakup. The five stages of grief kick you in the teeth just as fiercely.

Hoping the issue was just a…

These are just my thoughts on Joker, a movie I didn’t think needed to get made in the first place.

Now, from reading the sentence above, you might think I hate the Joker or that I don’t feel a Joker story should be told. That’s a fair assumption, but it’s incorrect.

I love the Joker. How could I not? Here’s a character that embodies the chaos that lives within us all. …

I want to talk to you about what it’s like to live as a video game enthusiast and writer who doesn’t actually play AAA games.

Hi, I’m Luis and this is a new revamp of my blog, ASTROMONO. Hope you like what I’ve done with the place!

In this very same website, I used to talk about any and all major video game releases as they would come out. …

I had to walk away from playing The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa after buying it on a whim and trying it for just one day.

First of all, let’s get this out of the way: I am beyond fascinated by the story of how this game came to be and it’s protagonist, Vadim, a Russian man who somehow transplanted his memories of 1980s Moscow onto a game about a high-schooler thug growing up in a fictional Japanese town.

I bit and downloaded the full game from the eShop one evening, after finishing a demo that left me pleasantly shocked by…

Luis Landero

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